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120 page instant PDF download by Wet Nose Fotos

founder Shannon Benson. Learn pro tips & tricks ...

Easy to understand ...

Learn the fundamentals of photography in a

clean, simple format with easy to understand

text and diagrams.

Buzz ...

You're pet photography e-book is amazing!! The photos in it are just breath taking, because I'm only learning how to actually use my camera the right way, all this great information and tips are exactly what I need to help me get those pictures I've always wanted. Instead of hoping when I press the button the picture turns out okay.  Not adjusting the shutter speed, ISO & aperture was something I've never done until now, haha. I am so grateful for this pet photography e-book, thank you so much :)                                                                                                                Tash Brown, Australia

Camera Settings ...

Every image example contains camera data to see how it was shot.  For the beginner this will allow you to see patterns in shooting settings and develop an understanding of how certain settings 'look'.  For the more experienced, these settings will allow you to understand how each image was achieved at a quick glance.

More Buzz ...

I love this book, it's so easy to read and the pictures are so beautiful.  I've already put heaps of things I've learnt into practice and have seen a big difference in my images.  I can't wait to practice even more.  Thanks so much!                                                                Fiona, Australia

Make your images POP ...

The learning doesn't end at taking the perfect pet picture . . . not at all!  Learn post production techniques the pro's use to make their images stand out from the rest!

Topics Covered ...

• Working with animals

• Aperture

• Shutter Speed


• Shooting Modes

• Exposure & Metering

• Using the Histogram

• Focusing

• Workflow

• Tools in my bag

• The Essentials

• The Extras

• The Superfluous

• Post Production

• Raw vs Jpeg

• Custom Picture Controls

• Software

• Vendors

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120 page instant PDF download by Wet Nose Fotos

founder Shannon Benson. Learn pro tips & tricks ...

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